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1) Ischemic Heart Diseases

2) Vascular Diseases

3) Cardiomyopathy



Hridbasti is a specialised Upkarma of panchakarma treatment used for strengthening of the Heart muscles & then to improve the functioning of the heart



Hridbasti is done by fixing a mould on the chest on left side of the sternum with the help of kneaded black gram dough. This is filled with either Arjuna Ghrita or the medicine prescribed by the physician. It is kept warm or replaced by warm medicines every 5 min, for 40 min. Then the medicine is carefully removed & the area is cleaned.



Before procedure: No specific extra precautions are required other than the instructions for the underlying disease
After procedure: There are no specific dietary restrictions after Hrud Basti



1) Reduction in chest pain or angina

2) Improvement in cardiac out put

3) Better exercise tolerance.

4) Increased capacity

5) Decreased weakness



Hrud basti is simpleyet a very potent treatment. One must take care that the medicines used are not very hot & should be of tolerable temperature. Proper preparation & post procedural care is a must & no shortcuts should ever be tried.