Snehana Abhayanga

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1) Vata diseases

2) Joint pain

3) Dryness of the body

4) Constipation

5) Neuro muscular & skeletal diseases

6) Aches specially body ache

7) Fatgue Chronic Fatigue syndrome



Oleation (Snehana - Abhayanga) external is used as a singular therapy for management of various musculoskeletal disorders to reduce pain in the musculoskeletal disorders . It is also used as preparation for shodhana therapy.



External Snehana is carried out mainly with the help of medicated oils selected accordingly to the disease & Dosha condition. At times combination of various oils or other materials like ghee are used. These are applied warm on the body in specific direction so that gets absorbed. During the application of the oil simple tolerable pressure is applied on the tissue with the consideration of the origin & desired action of the muscle & adjoining skeletal system.



Before procedure: Patient is advised not to have heavy meals before the therapy . He can take liquid warm food like hot milk / Soup in moderation prior to treatment
After procedure: Patient is advised not to have anything within hour of the treatment. Heavy , very spicy & Junk food must be avoided during the course of the treatment.



1) Enhances the blood circulation

2) Moisturises the skin

3) Improves the tone of the muscles

4) Increases the mobility of the Joints

5) Alleviates the Vata

6) Removes the toxins of the body the vision



The External snehana should not be carried out without consultation. Should not be applied on inflamed, swollen & injured muscles.