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    Piles is majorly seen if persons digestive system is not working well. A bulge in anal blood vessel due to stagnant blood in anal area is considered as piles. Management of piles is improving digestive system and healing ware and tear of that area. Harbo-minral preparations with panchakarma therapies like Avgah, Dhupan, Basti works wonders. piles or other anorectal disorders show gross improvement after treatment at shree arogya ayurved Kendra. We have 100% satisfaction ratio for all ano rectal diseases.
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    Main cause of pain is vitiation of Vata dosha cause of Vitiation of Vata dosha is either due to degeneration or due to Infestation. Degenerative illnesses are Osteoarthritis, Lumber Spondylitis, Cervical Spondylitis, Osteoporosis, Sciatica, Inflammatory diseases are Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Psoriatic arthritis. Best medicine for Vata dosha is Til Tailam (sesame oil) and best treatment is Basti (medicated enema). Joint Pain is relived with Snehan (medicated oil massage), Swedan (medicated steam) and Basti (medicated enema). Some special treatments are included in this as per need like Lepan, Pinda Sweda, Waluka Potalisweda, Nadi Sweda, Kati Basti, Manya Basti etc.
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    Skin diseases like psoriasis, vitiligo, ring worm, skin rash, urticaria show very good recovery on treatment with ayurvedic medication.The cause of skin diseases may be both external and internal like fungal infections, allergens, bacteria, incompatible food habits etc. And some times internal bodily dysfunction may cause skin diseases too. Like liver’s inability to dispose toxins or wastes, impure blood, improper digestion of food.In Ayurveda we can treat these diseases with medicines which improves immunity, improves liver’s function, disposing wastes and toxins. Improving digestion etc. Sometimes we have to remove impurities from blood with some detoxification treatments or cleansing procedures. Like virechan(purgation), Raktamokshan(blood letting), jalukavcharan( leech therepy), lep(local applicatrion), shehan, swedan, basti. Etc Diseases like psoriasis shows tremendous improvements with above treatments. We are specialised in psoriasis treatments Also diseases like Urticaria are completely eradicated after treatments at shree aarogya ayurved Kendra. Diseases like psoriasis shows tremendous improvements with above treatments. We are specialised in psoriasis treatments Also diseases like Urticaria are completely eradicated after treatments at shree aarogya ayurved Kendra.
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    Major cause of deaths in world is cardiac problems. Main cause of cardiac ailments is wrong life style. Technology which has wide spread everywhere has started to shade its effects on human body. Lack of exercise, stress in day to day life, smoking and alcohol, lack of sufficient sleep, fast food is making health lame. Actual treatment for cardiac ailments, blood pressure, dislipidemia(high cholesterol) is life style modification. Good food, proper sleep, sufficient exercise. proper dietary advice makes sure you won’t harm yourself any longer. Some yoga exercises helps you for good sleep and nullify effect of stress. but to follow exercise you must make your body compatible, here role of panchakarma plays very important part. Treatment procedures like shehan, udvartan, swedan,hriday basti , lep, shirodhara, Raktamokshan(blood letting), basti etc. Removes circulatory disturbances ,making heart healthier and increasing your excercise capacity. Above traement with some harbo-mineral suppliments can eradicate cardiac ailments from root, as it has been already proven that ayurvedic treatments are really helping people with chronic cardiac failure.
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    Diabetes is most harmful of all lifestyle disease. Diabetes is reducing work efficiency of world population. And is affecting loads over economy. Once said to be disease of wealthy now is affecting almost anybody in society. An incurable disease, but if not kept in check may make you disable for life. Uncontrolled diabetes harms your eyes, kidneys, heart, nerves, foot. All these can make you disable for life, making you and your family miserable for life. Aim of treatment of diabetes is to avoid complications. There are medicines for controlling your blood sugar levels, but more often than not these complications set in. Effects of diabetes are said to be irreversible. Fortunately, in Ayurveda there is hope, at least we can avoid complications and to some extent can reverse it. Only Ayurveda gives scope for rejuanation and revitalization. Major cause of complications in diabetes is lack of proper circulation in terminal blood vessels at microcirculation level. Procedures like shehan, udvartan, basti, shashtikshali pinda sweda, potali sweda etc. makes that circulation work better avoiding complications. Along with that some herbal medicines help body to work better against effects of diabetes.

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